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Manifestation Miracle Review

A Review of Manifestation Miracle: A Course focused on the Law of Attraction

Manifestation Miracle is a course on personality products that teaches people how to leverage the Law of Attraction to achieve happiness, good health, and wealth.

The course is a creation of Mark Ling and Heather Matthews, and the product bases its lectures and exercises on the Law of Attraction, which makes it very useful to beginners studying this Law.

The Manifestation Miracle course will help you to build and channel your mind positively, discover and engage universal laws that will help you lay hold of the good life that belongs to you.

Manifestation Miracle is an e-book with 162 pages that comes with extras like an audio version of the e-book and some additional videos and guides. It is the ultimate “how-to” guide for people who want to live and manifest the miracle that they desire.

The primary e-book, alongside the bonus videos, audios, and packages focuses on practically every area of life, especially happiness, love, relationships, abundance, wealth, good health, and spirituality.

This book segments its topics separately so that you can focus on one topic before moving to the next. However, some persons will find this limiting because they want a quick rush-through that touches on all aspects.

If you seek a product that mixes all the topics and speeds through them, this product is not right for you. However, it is perfect for those willing to spend the time and focus on each topic discussed.

More on Manifestation Miracle

We established before that the product comes with the primary book, additional audio, and some videos.

The book is in downloadable PDF format, and it comes with a video that supports each chapter. Each video is 15 minutes long, and in MP4 format for easy access.

The audiobook is simply a voice version of the entire book, and it comes in MP3 format. All these materials take you on a journey towards manifesting miracles, with Heather Matthews guiding you along the way.

Let’s talk a little about Heather and Mark Ling.

Heather Matthews and Mark Ling

Heather Matthews is a life and energy flow coach and the creator of Manifestation Miracle alongside Mark Ling. She has vast expertise working on and with the Law of Attraction, and she has a stellar reputation in her field.

Although you will find Heather’s name on the product, Mark Ling actively created most of the work and then marketed it under her name.

Mark is an entrepreneur who worked hard at this product that showcases his talent.

As Mark Ling probably expected, having Heather as the face of the book will make more persons inclined to try it out. After all, a person with such a reputation as Heather will not collaborate or support someone whose work is below par or a complete sham.

With this out of the way, let us talk about how Heather and Mark leveraged a concept called ‘Destiny Tuning’ in this product, and how you can use it to manifest your miracles.


What is Destiny Tuning?

Heather best describes destiny tuning as the technique that helps a person achieve synchronization with the forces operating in the universe. All the products in this package are put together using a process that increases the user’s energetic vibration. This process is what we call destiny tuning.

Advantages of the Manifestation Miracle course

There are many things to love about this course, and you will probably discover more as you embark on the course.

First of all, the course is very inclusive, because it suits everyone, despite what position you are in life. This course will take you along and help you to get right on track whether you have some part of your life together, or you are simply investigating the Law of Attraction,

If you’re big on reading, you’ll love the e-book because every chapter is an experience that you will treasure as you go on. However, the author is also considerate of people who are not big readers, or cannot read because of conditions.

The audio contains all that exists in the e-book, so you won’t be missing anything. Another great thing about the audio is that it comes in MP3 format, so you can transfer it to any device that can play MP3 files at your convenience. It is quite rare to find someone who pays much attention to audios, and ensures that they contain all the necessary information.

At the end of every chapter, you will find a recap that takes you through all you learned in the chapter. It also prepares you for the next chapter seamlessly. It is very helpful for memory and retention. Once again, the recap is available in both the e-book and audio file, so you can have it both ways.

The digital nature of this product is very much in line with current realities because many persons are moving from physical books to soft copies. The e-book and MP3 audio will always be handy on your phone or laptop, and you can listen or read on the go. You can comfortably make this product a part of your daily activities.

The package comes at a fair and competitive price, especially when you compare the product’s quality, compare it to seminars, and other similar books. If you realize how much you can gain from this course, you can confirm that the price is not over the top.
For instance, the information contained in this package is priceless, and one would expect to see the price a large percentage higher, but it isn’t. As far as price is concerned, the product gives value for money.

The product has a 60-day money-back guarantee for people who are not pleased with what they got and want to receive a refund. You can get a 100% refund for the products without any scams or hitches. A few persons have returned their products but they don’t make as much as 0.5% of the population that has purchased the course.

Finally, it is imperative to note that it will take you a while to complete the e-book or the audio, especially if you follow instructions closely and observe the practicals. Although speed will differ from one person to the next, it is necessary to prepare your schedule and plan towards spending some time on the book. There’s no harm in pausing in-between chapters to handle some things. However, the authors would prefer if you paid attention and followed the program dedicatedly to the end with very little or no breaks.

Disadvantages of the Manifestation Miracle course

Despite loads of advantages, no product or service is without areas where they can do better. These are some areas where the makers of this product could have done better.

As we highlighted when discussing the advantages, this course demands a lot of time from you. You cannot breeze through the chapters or listen to all the tapes at once. The very setup of the material compels you to take up the learning process one chapter after the next, and then follow the action plan before going further. Depending on your speed and available time, you could spend 3 weeks on the course or even 3 months. Many persons cannot afford to spare this time, so for them, this is a disadvantage.

Although the world is largely digital, some persons will not appreciate the fact that this package is only available in digital form. Many persons still like to read physical books, turn the pages, make dog ears where they stuff and carry them around physically. If you don’t enjoy reading digital books, then this down point will affect you. However, I believe you can deal with it because the book is worth more than that discomfort.

When reading through the course, you will find overlapping topics that might be a turnoff for you. I believe that the authors deemed it important to reiterate some salient points from previous chapters in subsequent ones. However, sometimes, the repetition would make the story overlap. On the upside, such reminders will point you towards something you might have forgotten before then. Whether or not it would be annoying to you depends on your disposition towards the overlapping topics.

Finally, the product has some quite unnecessary up-selling. Although the Manifestation Miracles already contains all the details you need, you will still find a supplementary book called “the amazing self series” that costs $37 monthly. You can very much do without that addition. If you still decide to get the additional product, bear in mind that the series has a recurring monthly fee and not a one-off payment.

However, if you don’t mind spending some extra cash, you can try out the additional program and see whether you enjoy it.

Is this course worth your time and money?

I can go on to recommend the product to you based on my preference and how much it benefitted me, but it wouldn’t be balanced if I don’t even things out a bit.
This course will do wonders in your life or do absolutely nothing depending on what side of the line you’re standing on. So I’ll give two answers based on certain scenarios and preferences.

Manifestation Miracle is for you

  • If you have goals and dreams that are important to you
  • If you have some time to commit to the course
  • If you are open-minded enough to take the course
  • If you believe that the Law of Attraction works

Manifestation Miracle is not for you

  • If you don’t need it, but just want to buy it
  • If you don’t have a quarter of an hour to spare daily
  • If you want instant changes
  • If you can’t put in the effort to get your results
  • If you find it difficult to finish any course you embark on
  • If you think the Law Of Attraction doesn’t work