Law Of Attraction

Law Of Attraction For Beginners Guide

Have you been trying to understand the Law of attraction and how it relates to your life? Let me start by saying that the Law just manifested in your life because the perfect article to help you just got attracted into your life.

This post will guide you through everything a beginner should know about the Law of Attraction. At the end of this read, you will be properly equipped to attract things you want into your life!

An Overview to the Law of Attraction

The Law of Attraction is an ability to use mental focus correctly to attract goals and desires into our lives. This Law uses the power of a person’s mind to transform their thoughts into reality.
Unlike the common practice of focusing on things and events happening visibly around you, the Law of Attraction uses a mental path to approach and achieve desires.

In simple words, according to the Law of Attraction like attracts like. In practicality, your thoughts attract your results, and the quality of your thoughts can determine the quality of your life. So, an unchecked angry state of mind will bring about more offenses, and in turn, more angry thoughts in the near future.

Acting due to anger will reap a result that is negative or below par. This is because the poor quality of thoughts can only birth poor and less-than-desirable results. With this thought in mind, one has to ponder on whether or not one should allow rage, anger, or frustration to become a frequent response to actions and events.

Have you ever wondered how habits are built? They are actions that get stronger as they are performed often until the brain begins to automatically let them happen.

Similarly, your thoughts get stronger when you dwell on them often. When your brain repeatedly makes a connection between some actions and your reactions, they can become easily triggered.

One fact we must state going forward is that we have ideas, feelings, and thoughts that are positive and necessary. We also have others that are harmful and detrimental. The goal is to identify the positive thoughts and stick to them because they bring positive results. On the other hand, we need to identify and banish every negative thought that creates negative realities in our lives!

A Step-by-Step Guide to using the Law of Attraction

At this point, we understand the theoretical aspect of the Law of Attraction, so let us begin to actively act it out. It is beyond crucial to get an understanding of how much the mental world affects the physical, and then work it out. Let us begin putting this knowledge into action.

1. Don’t Force it

Many beginners think the Law of Attraction is like a switch that you need to turn on or energy that needs activation. However, it doesn’t go off or on. It is static, and that is why we call it a Law. It stays true every time, and all you need to do is key in and use it to achieve the desired change.
So if you have wondered how the Law of Attraction works, the answer is this- Align yourself with it, and it will immediately begin to work for you. Let’s go further.

2. Become more conscious of your thoughts

Everyone can decide what they want to put their consciousness on. However, most people focus on all the wrong things. Always exercise your free will and focus on your mental and thought processes rather than your environment.
Instead of being overly conscious and responsive to the world, choose to become attentive to your mental process. If you do, you have come one step closer to your goal.


3. Identify contradictions in your thoughts

Your anger, unhappiness, and bad experiences are not caused by your external environment, but by your thinking. There is a contradiction in your thought that causes these negativities, and the aim is to find it. Once you find the contradiction, you can resolve it and begin to have positive thoughts and actions.
A thought process without contradiction will have positive effects on your thoughts, actions, and ultimate results.

Have you ever experienced a negative emotion like fear, anger, frustration, or sorrow, and just concluded that you are stuck in it? This is the birthing of contradictions and negative illusions. Because your thought convinces you that you are stuck, you take the bait and become stuck in reality.

Such contradictions in our thought processes will continue to bring negative actions and results until we locate them and rip them out of our thoughts.

4. Build blocks of positive ideas and thoughts

After pulling down contradictions and negative illusions, your mind cannot function positively until you build positive mental processes that attract happiness and positivity into your life.

Think about the thoughts you can build that will make you happier and rub off on people around you. When you find these thoughts and ideas, stick to them and ruminate until they help you build the qualitative life you want to live.

Load up on the positive thoughts and meditations. Positive ideas and thoughts will continually fill your life with goodness, positivity, and happiness.


5. Chill, it doesn’t happen overnight

It is commonplace to want the Law of Attraction to start working for you immediately, but unlike some spell and incantation, you won’t see immediate results.

Reengineering your mentality and thought process doesn’t happen overnight, so you cannot rush through and expect immediate changes. Pay attention to all the mental changes you need to make, and take your time on them until you are truly successful.

On another hand, the lack of patience and a tendency to rush things is one of the negative magnets we need to remove. Rush will always lead to subpar results, and things might even get destroyed in that unnecessary haste.

Have a little patience. Take time to strengthen your foundation. Even the universe will see your patience, confidence, and conviction that things will be alright eventually.

Many people have a wrong notion of patience which can also hinder your progress at this point. To be patient doesn’t mean you sit back with your arms folded and wait for things to change.

Your patience is only complete when you are effectively working on the things that you should. Patience is the answer at all times- not shortcuts, but patience.

Getting Practical: Law of Attraction Actions and Exercises

The Visualizing Exercise

The human mind reacts powerfully to visualization, which is why many people say you can achieve whatever you visualize. Try this powerful visualization exercise for Law of Attraction beginners that will attract and manifest what you desire.

For this exercise, you are not focusing on your desire or goal, but what comes after you reach the goal and achieve the desire. Imagine the scenario that follows such a victorious moment.

If you desire to receive a scholarship for your Master’s degree, imagine what you would do after receiving the scholarship. Perhaps, how your first day on campus will play out, or how you’ll celebrate your matriculation.

Get your imaginative juices running; create the scenario and get in there. Imagine how your lecture hall will look and how you’ll show up early for your class and make some nice friends.

Then, move to your feelings and imagine how happy and content you will feel sitting in that lecture hall in the school of your dreams, meeting amazing people who want to be friends with you.

If that scenario doesn’t apply to you, build a scenario where you receive the job that holds the key to your financial freedom. The contract has been signed, you have resumed, and you are happily settled in.

Imagine driving your favorite car to the bank where you’re withdrawing your first salary that can settle all your debt and cater to everything you want and need.

You can also imagine getting your kids the wardrobe change they had so much needed, or getting your spouse a gift that you could never afford. Picture how much happiness and celebration will follow this event, and bask in the feeling of finally living the life that was always a dream.

Now, build a scenario that is specific and particular to you. Whatever positive scenario you wish to create is fine, provided it is what you desire and dream about.

Allow the positive feeling to flow out of you like rushing water, and make the picture clear in your mind.

Once you can achieve this, you have successfully built a positive mental magnet that will attract what you want. Your thoughts, circumstances, and actions will also fall in line to manifest what you earnestly desire.

The Notebook Exercise

Whenever you deal with a negative feeling, pick up a notebook and explicitly write out what you are feeling. Then, ask yourself why your mind pushes you to feel that way, and write down the reasons you think about it.

The next step is to contradict the negative reasons your mind has given you, and then replace the negative conclusions with positive ones.

For instance, if your mind tells you that you’re facing a situation that you can never overcome, think of ways you can overcome it.

If there was a way around it, would you still feel depressed and offended? If your brain told you there was no way out and you found a way out, shouldn’t you question your mind?

Indeed, you should go ahead to dissolve the negative conclusions and resolve by finding the positive side to it, which will cancel out the negatives.

This process might take time but keep at it until you can easily dissolve contradictions and build positive solutions and magnets.