Science 2.0: Dr. Pim van Lommel Interview

by Wayne Becker on December 12, 2014

Dr. Pim van Lommel


 “I believe now that death, like birth, may be a mere passing from one state of consciousness into another.”

– Dr. Pim van Lommel


Preface from Grahame Mackenzie:

“Oh wow! Oh wow! Oh wow!”

Reportedly, these were the last words of Steve Jobs. Although the precise meaning cannot be known, his exclamatory farewell hints at something beyond, something spiritual – something denied and rendered taboo by mainstream science.

But not all scientists subscribe to a materialistic gestalt. Increasingly, many forward-thinking researchers are speaking out and presenting both scientific and rationalistic evidence for the afterlife.

Spirit Today is privileged to present to its readers the findings of Dr. Pim van Lommel of the Netherlands, world-renowned cardiologist, author, and university lecturer.

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Will Our Children Pour Scorn Upon Our Current Ignorance Towards Survival Of Consciousness After Physical Death?


Does it really matter if survival after death is a genuine natural phenomenon?

And what will our children and grandchildren think of our current collective efforts?

Will they be proud of us?

After thousands of experiments carried out under controlled laboratory conditions have helped to allay the doubts of many, the public are becoming increasingly open to the idea that survival of consciousness after death is real. That leads us to ask the question… What next? What will our knowledge and understanding of survival after death look like in the future and what will it say about us?  That’s a question that we are on the cusp of answering.  click to continue

How Enhanced Physics Supports Survival After Death

by Ron Pearson on June 30, 2014

Survival After Death

The Skinny on Ron Pearson

An Overview  


In the year 2014, is the cross fertilisation of different scientific disciplines encouraged? You would think so, wouldn’t you! If you thought otherwise then this mini series of articles will invite you to think otherwise.

To be intellectually honest, courage is needed. For many scientists, fear comes with the territory. What was it John Wayne once said? “Courage is being scared to death but saddling up anyway.” However, why are some new ideas considered to be ‘respectable’ while others are deemed to be ‘heresy’? Is it because there are very few true scientists in the world – those who assiduously seek for knowledge and wisdom, following it wherever it may lead, no matter what? Quite frankly, the true scientist will be a highly evolved spiritual individual – with no fears! click to continue

The Pearson Matrix 8: Thought Forces

by Alan Middleton on February 2, 2014

Pearson Matrix

Ethereal World Locations: Additional Sources

Additional Details of Sphere 2: Cultural Areas

Thought Forces

The Mind Generated ‘Chi’ Field’

Professor William Tiller’s ‘Chi Meter’

Ethereal Function of Direct Conversion of 

Thought to Reality

Extra Software Needed to Animate

Pseudo-Biological Creations

Ethereal Worlds: More Knowledge

The Pearson Matrix now continues with additional information on the location and nature of the ethereal worlds.

It then moves on to consider ‘Thought Forces’. Starting with information provided by mediums it then considers evidence of a heat field which was recorded on a thermal camera by paranormal investigators.

This is then supplemented by reports from scientists who have developed a device to detect and quantify mind generated ‘Chi fields’.

The extension of the use of thought forces in sphere two is then described from two independent sources. These report the nature of the more connected use of this faculty to create solid objects in the ethereal frequencies of existence. This describes details and extends knowledge of the process of direct creation by thought already referred to in previous Pearson Matrix articles.

These ethereal software conversion processes are not hampered by the data barriers which normally prevent this type of creation whilst inside the time stream.

More details are now presented in this article. click to continue

Professor John Poynton

Breaking Down the Barriers of the Repressive Intellectual

Regime of Materialism


This week, I am privileged to bring to you a very special guest, Professor John Poynton from the Society for Psychical Research. Professor Poynton’s life-long interest has been in African wildlife and classical music and later an interest in psychical phenomena and in mysticism. He takes a critical view of the dogmatic materialism promoted both by current science and by current philosophy and has helped many people break free from the chains of materialism through his books, his teachings and motivational talks.

Professor Poynton takes the view that one’s existence on earth is for some purpose, which the individual has to try to discover, and to fulfil to the best of his/her ability. A past President of the SPR, he continues to fulfill a variety of duties as Hon. Secretary as well as other important academic work elsewhere.

In 1992 he received an Order of Merit in South Africa from F.W De Klerk. He was South African until 1992, when he emigrated to the UK on account of a position offered by the Natural History Museum in London and is still doing research there, aged 82. If we understand Professor Poynton’s comments correctly in this frank interview then I’m sure many more will devote the time necessary to engage in the search for truth. click to continue


Norman Hutt

Searching for Spirit


Very often when we come to spirituality and the search for survival, we’re aiming for something, something liberating, something different, something that we can deconstruct and call our own.

How can we find that? Is it even possible to wake up from “This is all there is” and if so what is ‘it’ that would wake us up? Liberation is not about having the answers. And it has nothing to do with belief, but is rather the absence (or transparency, or seeing through) of belief. Waking up does not happen in the past or the future, only Now. Below you will find one man’s enquiring journey to find a deeper truth. A truth with no inside and no outside, no subject and no object. It simply is. This article is all about trying to help others, particularly non-psychics, who are interested in finding evidence for themselves which demonstrates the reality of the psychic, and survival of physical death. click to continue


pearson matrix 7

Visitation Type Ghosts

Ethereal Light Linked to Sound

The Perfect Ethereal Memory

Savants and Ethereal Functions

Seen on Earth

Top Gun Pilots and Precognition

Matrix/Mind/Heart/Brain Connections


The Pearson Matrix series now continues with an examination of the fifth type of ghost the ‘Ethereal Visitor’. It then moves on to continuing the examination of sphere two conditions with the ethereal property of directly converting sound to light. Then it considers the nature of the perfect ethereal memory and the ability to remotely sense detailed information from the time stream. This information is then supplemented by reports of the remarkable abilities of savants.

The Guinness world record holder as the fastest human calculator, Scott Flansburg, is then examined in the light of savants. Scott’s abilities as displayed in an MRI scanner are then matched to experiments with American Top Gun pilots who anticipate the position of an opponent aircraft by precognition. This is then cross-referenced to experiments which indicate that information from the chest precedes information to the brain.

Can savants really be people who display ethereal functions whilst on Earth?  click to continue


Dr Peter Fenwick Interview

by Grahame Mackenzie on October 20, 2013

dr Peter fenwick

Can End of Life Experiences

Teach us More About Consciousness?


Allowing us to peak into his private life today is the esteemed Dr Peter Fenwick. Educated at Trinity College, Cambridge and currently Emeritus senior lecturer, and now visiting lecturer at King’s College, London. He has run a neurosychiatry unit at the Institute of Psychiatry London, he talks exclusively to Spirit Today regarding his very important studies into the relationship between the mind and the brain as well as the end-of-life phenomena. click to continue


Life After Death Mastermind Quiz

by Grahame Mackenzie on October 17, 2013


Like most of you, tests used to scare me.

Why is that?

Fear of failure? Fear of the unknown?

I have great news for you though. You’ll enjoy this one.

There is no need to be scared of this test, in fact, this test will be:

  • fun
  • educational
  • and encourage you to learn more

Keeping with the “encouraging you to learn more” theme, I’ve prepared the ten-question quiz (that takes around 4:42 seconds to complete) with the aim of expanding your knowledge base. There are no trick questions, however, don’t expect to get 100%!

Please use this quiz as a tool to further your own research. It’s a multiple choice quiz. At the end of it, don’t forget to enter your name into the Leaderboard.. if you’re good enough!

Click the Start Quiz button below to get started. And no Googling..

Life After Death Mastermind Quiz

Do you know your onions on matters of survival of consciousness?

Level: Intermediate

Leaderboard: Life After Death Mastermind Quiz

maximum of 20 points
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The Laboratory

by Mike Ganley on October 13, 2013

A new laboratory has been developed in the UK. You would be forgiven for not recognising it as a laboratory as there isn’t a test tube, Bunsen burner or white coated scientist in sight. Instead, it’s just a large room with a wooden floor and a few chairs in it. Perhaps not the archetypal laboratory that springs to mind? The room however, has been designed to allow scientists and researchers to apply stringent control measures to help solve one of the most intriguing questions ever asked by humanity: Is there life after death? click to continue


The Pearson Matrix Part 6: The Ethereal World of Sphere Two

by Alan Middleton on September 5, 2013

 proof of afterlife

Creeds and Cultures

Ethereal Communications on Landscapes and Living Conditions

The Nature of ‘Time’ in the Ethereal Worlds


In part five of the Pearson Matrix series we were introduced to the location of the ethereal worlds. That article provided information stating that these surround our Earth but operate on other frequencies of mechanical vibration inside the network of the Pearson Matrix system.

Now, in part six of the series, we are invited to examine the nature of life on the ‘Summerland’ surface of cyber space sphere two. A world which, if it is as described by people gifted in inter-frequency communication, is as real to its occupants as our world is to us.

Can the absence of dust in the environments of the spheres really be the result of the no automatic ageing of people or objects? Is this because these higher frequency environments are operating outside automatic advancement of the time stream software?

To begin an examination of the ethereal worlds  click to continue


Gwen Byrne Interview

by Grahame Mackenzie on August 23, 2013

Proof of Afterlife

Spiritual Words of Wisdom

with Gwen Byrne


Spirit Today has another fantastic interview for you on your favourite subject – survival of consciousness after bodily death. Today we chat with Gwen Byrne on the 50th year of the passing of her son Russell. Nothing unusual in that you might think, except that Gwen and her (now deceased) husband Alf met their “dead” son on many occasions since Russell’s passing. click to continue


Life After Death Communication

by Grahame Mackenzie on August 22, 2013

Introducing Spirit Today and its Life After Death Communication Interviews and Articles

The Pearson Matrix Part 5: After Death

by Alan Middleton on July 21, 2013


The Cyber Space Heavens

The Location of the Ethereal Heavens

The Matrix Power Supply System


For centuries the religions of the world have told us that there is a place we go to after death.

Is the science of life now moving towards theories which can support the existence of these places on higher frequency sets?

Is the effect of Einstein’s ‘Curved Space Time’ really caused by the cascading of vibration power towards a celestial object?

Is it this power which is being detected on Earth as ley lines?

The Pearson Matrix Series continues to offer new concepts of the nature of the Earth and ethereal worlds. Has their location been found?  click to continue


What is Death? Interview with Tricia Robertson

by Grahame Mackenzie on July 13, 2013

things you can do when you're dead - tricia robertson

What is Death All About?


Fresh off a two-hour interview on Coast to Coast with Art Bell in the States is today’s guest, Tricia Robertson from Glasgow. Nigh on thirty years of blood, sweat and tears have given Tricia (pictured above with her daughter Roslyn), a taste for the world that science doesn’t recognise (yet), a world beyond, a world that has many labels—none of which are really suitable—a world where there are things you can do when you’re dead!

Tricia, a former teacher of mathematics and physics and a former President for the Scottish Society for Psychical Research tells it like it is. You want a straight answer to what death is all about, ask Tricia. She was also a founding member, and Hon Sec of PRISM, Psychical Research Involving Selected Mediums and at present is a tutor for the Department of Continuing Education at Glasgow University. Tricia also worked very closely with the late, great Professor Archie Roy, so she knows her stuff. A veteran of many TV, radio and Internet programmes, we are delighted to welcome Tricia Robertson to Spirit Today..  click to continue


The Pearson Matrix Part 4: Our Spiritual Reality

by Alan Middleton on June 15, 2013


Leaving the Time Stream

The Misconception of Death

Proof of Survival

Earth Bound Ghosts


Mind Influence Directly After Death


Welcome to Part 4 of our Pearson Matrix series where we look at death and the the gateway to a better life.

For centuries people have been told that if they believe the knowledge written the books of the various religions they will receive the gift of eternal life.

Perhaps in many cases this message has been diluted over the centuries and better and more reliable sources of modern information are now available. Today we are invited to move deeper into the software of the Pearson Matrix, and to discover that there are clearer explanations for what the religions of the world are teaching.

This website is exploring the nature of existence and we are hearing from the people at the cutting edge of research. The Pearson Matrix now considers what happens at the crossing point which Alan Middleton says is misdescribed as ‘death’.

Is he correct? Is being dead “The world’s most underrated occupation?” click to continue


The Physical Mediumship of Gordon Garforth

by Mike Ganley on June 8, 2013

Gordon Garforth The Physical Mediumship


Gordon Garforth


In today’s post we take a look at the mediumship of Gordon Garforth.

“Gordon is a deep trance and physical medium. His team, under the control of  ‘Jack’ produce ectoplasm for maskings and to coat the larynx. Some recent sittings have produced great results and a defined ectoplasmic mask placed in front of Gordon’s face was cly seen by all. Not only do strong physical features such as moustaches appear, but Gordon’s body will both grow and contract”. – Mike Ganley.

The post you are about to read is written by Gordon’s assistant, Mike, who along with Gaynor and other members of the Pomegranate group keep Gordon on the straight and narrow – I’ve heard he’s partial to the beer  ‘Old Leg Over’ click to continue


Spiritual Well-Being with George Barker

by Grahame Mackenzie on June 3, 2013

George Ballooning

Is Spiritual Well-Being

a Prerequisite for a

Long and Happy Life?


Is spiritual well-being important for you?

Is it even important?

Here at Spirit Today we aim to be a little different by celebrating the people who have done great work and wonderful service in the world of survival. Combining this great work and wonderful service with a healthy dose of open-minded scepticism and an interest in psi phenomena is today’s guest, 94-year-old click to continue


The Science of Us – The Matrix Explained

by Grahame Mackenzie on May 20, 2013


The Science of Us

The Matrix Explained


Who do you think you are?

Why is there something rather than nothing?

How does this something work?

This introduction to the work of Ron Pearson and his Big Breed Theory—let’s call them BreedBites—will help you understand the science of us.

It is not just readable and captivating but also compliments the the Pearson Matrix series perfectly.

‘The Science of Us – The Matrix Explained’ contains the latest in scientific research, in bite form and presents in an unbiased manner, information that is click to continue


The Pearson Matrix Part 3 – Spiritual Thoughts

by Alan Middleton on May 3, 2013

Mind Over Matter

Tulpas Ghosts

Mind/Matter Interface

Simulation of the Future

Precognition and Free Will

Welcome to Part 3 of the ‘Pearson Matrix – Spiritual Thoughts’. What this work (and Ron Pearson’s theory) is telling us is that the higher reality of matter is a contrived reality. All quantum rules by which it operates, like Heisenberg’s uncertainty principle and Schrodinger’s wave equation, are mathematical constructs produced by the basic reality of the ‘ether’ (matrix).

The background grid, alias the structured ether, involves minds linked by information transfer via its filaments. Each is just a more highly organised switching pattern but is otherwise simply part of the grid. The rest of the grid acts as a machine like a computing system which has been programmed by the conscious parts to generate the structure of matter.

The grid acts like the computers we use to predict the weather. It projects existing trends and so is able to feed into the memory banks a very accurate description of what will occur in the future provided the exercise of free will changes nothing.

More than twenty years ago Ron Pearson was writing about what we now call the ‘time stream’ and the ‘mind matter interface’. The Pearson Matrix series of articles which you are reading are Alan Middleton’s contribution which attempts to expand the understanding of Ron’s theories.

One point I would like you to be aware of is that Ron was first to discover these great truths.

Ron’s work is important and must now find its place in history click to continue


Michael Tymn Interview – Running with Spiritual Power

by Grahame Mackenzie on April 21, 2013

Michael Tymn Spirit Today welcomes

one of our best historians

in the area of survival research


As usual, nothing but the best for our readers here at Spirit Today.

Today’s treat comes from Hawaii in the form of the legendary Michael Tymn, vice-president of the Academy for Spiritual and Consciousness Studies.

In this interview we talk about life after death, religious and scientific fundamentalism, and shifting paradigms. He is also kind enough to divulge what he has for breakfast, one of life’s biggest mysteries revealed.

Michael’s spiritual power is very strong and he’s a great authority for historical facts and figures related to afterlife evidence. So in his many hours working his way through scientific studies, has he found irrefutable evidence for the survival of consciousness and a more intelligent afterlife than that provided by orthodox religion?

Let’s find out.. click to continue


Premonitions with Christopher Robinson

Is precognition a threat to religion?


In the hot seat today is a ex-television repairman who became an uncover agent for our British Intelligence Agencies.

Mission impossible for you and I maybe, but not for the man whose dreams have since been the subject of TV appearances as far afield as Japan, national newspaper articles on both sides of the pond, and experiments by the University of Arizona. Our guest today says his dreams foretell the future. In fact, his nightly dreams became so accurate that the highest echelons of government became interested him as did Scotland Yard and MI5. The messages in his dreams are click to continue


 The Time Stream Past and Present The Time Stream Past and Present

 Stone Recording 


Astral Traveller Types of Ghosts


The Time Stream

We live our lives from day to and think that tomorrow does not yet exist and what happened yesterday has gone forever. Many also think that there are no consequences which result from our thoughts and actions during our lifetimes.

The Flint tapes tell us that people on other frequencies of existence travel in history.

They tell us that all Earth history is recorded in the ‘atmosphere’ of the Earth.  click to continue


 Is there life after death?  - Matters of Life and Death

  Connecting spirituality 

and psi phenomena

with quantum effects


We are living at a unique historical time in the history of mankind; a time when the old divisions between matter and spirit are clearly giving way to a newer, unified theory. A time when this information can be disseminated through the power of the Internet and easily researched by anyone willing to take the time to do so. 

Some scientists who have studied and researched matters of life and death have come to the conclusion that there is click to continue


The Pearson Matrix Part 1 – Our Cosmic Consciousness

by Alan Middleton on March 14, 2013

Cosmic ConsiousnessThe Pearson Matrix Part 1

The Basis of All Life  

 Sure, you can sit at home tonight and watch Big Brother on your sofa like everyone else. Or you can tune in to this one-of-a kind red-carpet post here on Spirit Today. We aim to bring you nothing but the best and today we’ve got another cracker lined up for you. It will require you to burn some brain calories and cover some mouse miles but you will be rewarded handsomely.

What you’re about to read is click to continue


How did your research for life after death proof start?

 How did your research for

life after death proof start?


What is life for you? A journey of discovery, or a drudgery of hardships? Do you search for answers, or would you rather not know? Maybe you have a laissez faire attitude to life?

Questions, questions, there I go again. 

I, personally, want to know what I don’t know.

But I’m also aware that not everyone is like that. Some people click to continue


Does this California Attorney have proof of afterlife with after death communications?

 Are after death communications real?

Do they constitute

proof of life after death?


Once or twice a week, I receive private email that blows me away.

Private email of personal experiences.

That time of the week is here again.

I, for one, have always been impressed with people who can eloquently and easily put their emotionally charged experiences down on paper. I can’t. But some can. This week that someone is Rob Simpson, an attorney from California in the U.S. Rob generally keeps a low profile about his experiences, but he has given me express permission to share an email exchange we had together.  click to continue


Ron Pearson: A New Default Go To Science for the 21st Century

by Grahame Mackenzie on February 1, 2013


Is there life after death?

  Has the theory of survival of spirit

been found?


Under the microscope today is Ronald Pearson who spills the beans on Einstein, why the big bang theory is wrong, and why scientists reject all notions of a spiritual realm. We talk about this, and much more in this exclusive interview. click to continue


What is life after death all about. Michael Roll

What is life after death all about?

We ask Michael Roll of the

Campaign for Philosophical Freedom


Having been at the helm of providing survival of consciousness illumination at one of the most interesting times in our history, including a welcome return to more people accepting energy and information as being our true reality and not matter, you might be expecting CFPF founder Michael Roll to be click to continue


Is there life after death? Are Nobel Laureates so easily misled?

by Grahame Mackenzie on December 9, 2012


Is there life after death? Are Nobel Laureates so easily misled?

Is there life after death?

Scientists search for it


Scientists past and present, empiricists and other professionals who have systematically studied, researched and tested the afterlife and psychic phenomena—using scientific method—have come to the conclusion that click to continue

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